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RE: Crescent Manufacturing, Inc. Introduces Remanufacturing Division

Crescent Manufacturing, Inc.. located in Pilot Mountain NC, is strategically expanding current manufacturing and repairs from strictly trailers, truck bodies and repairs, to the reconditioning of trailers, truck bodies, beverage bodies, walk-in vans and bulk feed trailers.

Due to the economic climate inside the manufacturing industry, companies are suspending the purchase of new equipment and exploriing refurbished models.  "Companies are being forced to find way to reduce costs for their unique operating equipment."  says Brady Jones, president of Crescent Manufacturing, Inc.  He added "Equipment inside of the trailer can cost more than the actual trailer, and the unique upfitting costs can be astronomical."  Accoridingly, Crescent sees remanufacturing of existing trailers as a great complimenting service extending total equipment life and saving customers up to 65% when compared to replacement cost of new trailers.  Remanufactured vehicles look new, and each project can be modified according to individual specifications and budgets. 

Crescent Manufacturing, Inc.  is known for their manufacture of woodchip, live floor, belt trailers and truck bodies, and the installation of custom equipment.  The company also offers, on location, manufacturing and repair, as well as installation of factory options, full paint and trim servies, and graphics and lettering.

Jones readily promotes and relies on local commerce and trade, and has found the installation of factory options at the local level helps the local economy and job market.  In 2011, the company experienced an 82% decline in new manufacturing and a remarkable 63% growth in remanufactured and/or repurposed trailers.

Crescent Manufacturing, Inc. opened in 2006.  Crescent Manufacturing, Inc. is a USA Company located at 316 Nelson Street in Pilot Mountain, North Carolina, strategically located near major highways.

-Published in Pilot Mountain News 

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